Wow, I recently heard about these 130cm sex dolls and the words that come to mind are just crazy! I simply can’t believe there would be a market for such a thing. Who would want to own something like that? To be honest, I was a little taken aback when I first heard about this whole concept.

I guess one could look at them as though they are just a toy, vibrators but it’s pretty hard to look past the fact that they are eerily realistic. There are a ton of features including adjustable poses as well as interchangeable parts which I found kind of disturbing. From what one of my close friends told me, these dolls can even simulate real human movements such as smiling and talking.

It’s kind of mind-boggling to think that the technology behind these dolls is so advanced that they can fool people into thinking they are real humans. What is even crazier is that some of these dolls come with AI features, meaning they can access the internet. That alone is enough to give me the heebie-jeebies!

People who are buying these dolls claim it’s a way to fulfill fantasies and desires that cannot be achieved through traditional means. But I cannot wrap my head around why someone would spend hundreds of dollars on something like this, when you could probably find a real person to have a sexual relationship with.

The entire concept of these sex dolls just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels wrong to think that these dolls are being used to satisfy someone’s desires when in reality, there are real people out there that could be doing that job. Also, Penis Rings it just seems to be such a waste of money to buy something like this which can literally never reciprocate any emotion.

What baffles me the most about it all is that prices for these dolls range from anywhere between hundreds of dollars, to thousands. It’s just crazy to me that people are so willing to spend such huge chunks of money on something that won’t give them any meaningful interaction.

Well, that’s my two cents about these dolls. What do you think?