why are sex toys banned in bali

Oh my goodness, Bali’s sex toy ban is outrageous! I mean, how can taking away the most enjoyable and pleasurable objects from people be considered a good thing? For the longest time, I didn’t understand why something so innocent and harmless was prohibited, so I decided to do some research.

I quickly found out that Bali’s sex toy ban has been a thing since the early 1970s when the local government began promoting the island as an ideal family-friendly tourist destination. It was thought that having sex toys and anything related to adult ‘pleasure areas’ would ruin the wholesome atmosphere on the island, so it was quickly banned.

With this decision, the government thought they were doing the right thing by protecting the image of Bali’s as an innocent place. That way, they would attract more people, families, and children who’d be comfortable and safe in the area. But what they didn’t understand is that by taking away sex toys from an adult’s life, they were also taking away the opportunity to explore one’s body and sexuality in a safe and healthy way.

That’s why I completely disagree with the ban and find it absurd that something as harmless and enjoyable as a vibrator or other sex toy can be considered ‘dangerous’ or ‘wrong’ in the eyes of the government. Despite their good intentions, Penis Rings they’re preventing people from discovering or understanding their bodies and sexuality in a meaningful way. It almost feels like they’re taking away our freedom to express ourselves.

What’s more, this ban can be seen as a sign of social oppression. By banishing sex toys, the government is sending a message that these objects are something ‘immoral’ or wrong and shouldn’t be used in public or for an adult’s personal pleasure. This not only creates a negative stigma around sex toys, but it also makes it clear as to who is allowed to explore their sexuality and in what way. It’s a clear violation of reproductive rights and takes away people’s individual choice.

When you think about it, taking away something as harmless and natural as a sex toy is completely wrong and unnecessary, both in terms of comfort and safety and freedom of expression. The ban only serves to reinforce the idea of ‘proper’ and vibrators ‘normal’ sexuality. How can we ever progress as a society if we keep putting boundaries to our sexual education and personal comfort?