One time I was dating this girl, and she was super into sex toys. She had a collection of them and would always talk about trying out the newest one. I thought it was kinda weird at first, but then I decided to just give it a try and see what the fuss was about.

At first I was a bit grossed out by the idea of my girlfriend using a sex toy more than me, but I eventually got over it. I told myself that it was just a silly toy and that it’s not like she was replacing me or anything. Still, it was kinda awkward when she’d be using her vibrator in front of me. I mean, it’s not like a dildo or anything, so it’s not like I was threatened or anything.

I’d just sit there and watch, mostly cause she seemed to be enjoying it so much. I’d always leave her in the room to use it, and after she was done I’d come back in and we’d cuddle and talk about it. One time she even told me that the toy was more pleasurable for her than I was. Boy, did that sting.

At the time, it felt like the end of the world. All I could think was, “Am I not good enough to make her happy? Am I not satisfying enough?”. But, you know, like any other problem, I decided to talk to her about it. I mean, it’s important to communicate your issues in a relationship, so I decided to just tell her straight up how I was feeling.

Turns out, she didn’t mean it like that at all. It was more like she was expressing her appreciation of the toy than anything else. I mean, let’s be honest, it can be tough to satisfy a woman, sex toys and the toy did a better job than I did. It didn’t mean that I wasn’t good enough. It was more of just a complement.

And you know what? I’ve actually enjoyed experimenting with sex toys since then. I mean, with the right partner, they can be pretty damn interesting and pleasurable! Plus, it seems like my girlfriend was a lot more into sex afterwards, since she felt like she had an understanding partner who was open-minded enough to join in the fun!

I think it’s really important that couples talk openly about sex and that they’re both comfortable trying out new things. We’re all human, and there’s no need to be ashamed of your desires. In the end, it comes down to respect and understanding. I think it was kind of therapeutic for us both to talk openly about our sex life. It definitely helped me to understand her needs and desires a whole lot better.

So in the end I realized that when your girlfriend enjoys her sex toy more than you– it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not enough, it might just mean that she wants to explore other avenues of pleasure. I mean, like, why not? Everyone deserves to experience pleasure and have their needs met. So I think it’s really important that couples communicate open and honestly about their sexual needs and desires.That way, both parties can experience the pleasure they deserve!

In addition, I found out that exploring other aspects of sexual pleasure can actually help make your sex life even better. For example, talking dirty can be super hot and exciting when used correctly. Not to mention role-play, mirroring positions and more! The possibilities are truly endless.

Another thing I’ve learned is that lube is your best friend for any kind of sexual activity. Not only does it make things comfortable and enjoyable, but it also helps make sex safer. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be comfortable and safe? Especially in an intimate situation like this.

On top of that, I’ve come to understand that sex toys don’t just have to be for solo play; you can also use them with your partner! There’s so many different kinds of sex toys out there, that you can definitely find one that both of you will enjoy. Plus, if you’re feeling a bit experimental, you can even try introducing bondage and sensory play into the mix.

Finally, I learned that sex should never be a competition. Keep in mind that when your partner is enjoying a sex toy more than you, Penis Rings it doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough. It’s just another way of expressing pleasure and exploring your sexuality. So as long as you’re both communicating openly and honestly with one another, then you can truly enjoy the ride!