When I saw the strange combination of words, “xuanai male training persistence masturbation cup black,” I was immediately intrigued.​ I had no idea what this meant but I was determined to find out.​ I started researching and what I found was fascinating.​

At first, I thought that the “xuanai” meant some type of ancient Chinese or Japanese drinking vessel, sex toys but the more I researched, I discovered that it was actually the name of a male training device that was invented in China.​ It is specifically intended to help men train for greater sexual performance and better health.​

The design of the device makes use of suction technology and it fits snugly over the Penis Rings.​ It then replicates the sensation of sexual intercourse and this in turn allows men to build up their stamina and persistence.​ It sounds like a pretty fantastic way to help guys stay in the game, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t until I did some more digging that I realized “black” was actually referring to the color of the cup.​ Apparently, it was designed using a black, smooth, velvet-like material and the shape was designed to fit the contours of the man’s body perfectly.​ I immediately thought it was a clever design because it not only looks stylish but also feels comfortable.​

What surprised me even more was that this device has been proven to have great results.​ People who have used it claim that it really does help them last longer and build up greater sexual stamina.​ One man I read about said it really improved his performance and confidence, and could even help him lose weight.​ I’m not sure if that’s worth the price tag but I can definitely see the appeal.​

After doing some more investigation, I found out that there are other uses for this device as well.​ It can actually help with masturbation, which may be a good thing since some people find it difficult to control the urge.​ It makes perfect sense that this cup would be helpful for controlling sexual urges and improving sexual control.​

China Realistic Sex Doll Products Child Siliocne Mini Love Dolls - China Child Love Dolls and ...That’s about as far as I’ve been able to research the “xuanai male training persistence masturbation cup black”.​ It’s still a strange combination of words to me, but I’m sure there are people out there who are really benefiting from this device.​ I’m definitely curious and intrigued to know more about it.​