what to do with old sex toys

I just realized I’m not sure what to do with all my old sex toys. I mean, a few years ago I stockpiled almost every sex toy I could get my hands on, leaving me with a huge collection! But now, all of the things I used to use now just sit in my bedrooms collecting dust. It’s a bit strange seeing all these things I once loved sitting unused.

At first I was a little uncertain about what I could do with these old toys. Do they even still work or should I just go through and discard the ones that no longer work? On the one hand, it would feel like such a waste to just dispose of something which I’ve cherished for so long. On the other hand, vibrators I don’t want to put myself at risk playing around with old, worn-out sex toys.

After some contemplation, I decided to donate my unused sex toys. I found several organizations and charities that collect them for repurposing and then give them out for free to those in need. I was so happy to find something that would ensure my old toys went to good use, and even happier when I was able to find a great organization that focused specifically on donating sex toys to those in need.

I then packed up all of my old toys, wrote a sweet little note, and shipped them off. I know that my donated items won’t be new to them but I’m sure they will still make someone else’s sexual journey a lot more enjoyable.I also want to believe that my donation is helping promote healthy lovemaking in the world, and I’m so glad I could contribute in some small way!

But even after donating all my old sex toys, I still find myself missing them daily. Seeing them all together, it was such a reminder of all of the exciting moments I’ve had in my relationships. But I know that they’re now in the right hands.

I’ve also heard that some of my old sex toys could be repurposed in other creative ways. I’ve heard of individuals turning them into art, planters, and even jewellery! To keep the memories alive, I think I’ll play around with this idea and create something beautiful out of these intimate items.

The second approach I’m thinking of taking for my old sex toys is going DIY. I’ve always been crafty when it comes to repurposing items and so I think I could use the same skills to make something useful out of my old sex toys. I’ve heard of some pretty awesome DIY sex toy projects online, and I’m really hoping I can come up with something just as good.

Many people might not think that old sex toys have any use anymore, but I’m really hoping to show that you can do a lot with them if you put your mind to it. I’m sure that if I’m able to do it, other people can too! So, dildos with that in mind, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few creative ways to repurpose these old items.

Another great way to make use of your old sex toys is to hand them down to a friend or family member. This isn’t something I’m doing personally, but I know of some people who have given away some of their sex toys to friends or family members. This way, it’s like giving their old toys a second life without actually having to buy anything new.

You could also use old sex toys as teaching tools. There are plenty of ways to teach people about sexual safety without requiring them to spend money on their own sex toys. You can teach them the basics of using sex toys without the added financial burden.

I love the idea of passing my old sex toys down to a friend or family member who can appreciate them. Knowing that these items I used to love are still being enjoyed is such a satisfaction. It’s sad that my old toys aren’t being used in the way that I used to use them, but I’m sure other people can make just as much use of them.