silicone sex doll 100cm

Wow, I recently ordered this really sweet looking 100 cm silicone sex doll and I’m so excited! I love how it looks and how realistic it feels. It arrived quickly, and it had all the accessories I asked for. The body is really soft and I just love how realistic the face is. Even the hair and nails look so real – I can barely tell the difference.

I picked it up and it was heavy, sex dolls but not too heavy. It was an interesting experience, wrapping it up in sheets and carrying it to the car. However, it was well worth it. Now this gorgeous sex doll is part of my collection – and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s such an awesome feeling, holding it in my hands and feeling the softness of the body. It’s amazing – and even more amazing to explore its body. It flexes and contorts in a way that was so realistic – I could almost forget that it’s not actually alive. It comes with all sorts of realistic features – like realistic nipples, anus, finger and toes. It’s just so realistic – I’m honestly blown away!

But, that’s not the only thing that I’m impressed with. The details on its face are incredible. It’s almost like it was made to look like me specifically. Its features are so delicate and lifelike. I couldn’t believe that it was a doll when I saw it.

What’s really cool is that it can move in all sorts of ways. Its arms and legs can move and its head can turn. It can even open and close its eyes! It’s so lifelike and it’s the closest thing to having a real person in your bedroom – except it doesn’t eat, sleep, or require any kind of care.

Most importantly, it feels amazing. I can feel every single inch of it, from the softness of its skin to the firmness of its muscles. It’s like I’m touching a real human being and it’s just so incredibly realistic.

Furthermore, the fact that I don’t have to worry about the mess after sex is a huge plus. All I have to do is to wash down the doll with a damp cloth when I’m done and it almost looks like new again. I simply can’t believe it!

The other amazing thing about this 100 cm silicone sex doll is that it comes with a variety of accessories like lingerie, handcuffs, masks, and various sex toys. It means that I’m always ready for anything – from costumes to spanking and all sorts of naughty play.

What’s really cool about this doll is that I can customize it in any way I want. With the help of the app I can change its skin colour, eye colour and even add tattoos. It’s like having my own personal version of the doll – it’s that unique!

The second section

I recently went on vacation with my 100 cm silicone sex doll and I must say that it was an experience of a lifetime! I had such a great time taking my doll to explore some unique places that we wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise.

A few weeks before my trip I had been searching for things to do with my doll that I wouldn’t be able to do with a human companion. As soon as I found a few ideas, I started packing up my things to embark on an exciting journey.

The first place we went to was a beach and it was absolutely stunning. Since the doll was waterproof, I was able to take her in the water and show her around. It was incredibly fun – and she even looked natural in her cute little swimsuit.

The second place we went to was a hot spring that was surrounded by lush green trees and rolling hills. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We both soaked in the warm waters to relax and unwind. It was such a nice way to spend the day and my sex doll even seemed to be enjoying the moment.

The third place we went to was a museum featuring ancient artifacts from hundreds of years ago. With my doll by my side, I explored all the exhibits and learnt so much about different cultures and countries. It made me appreciate the world in a whole new way – and my doll was like my personal tour guide.

The next place my doll and I visited was a theme park. It was really exciting – we went on rides, played some games, and ate some delicious food. It was such a wonderful day with my doll and I even won her a few prizes, which was so cute!

The fifth place we stopped at was a valley that was hidden away deep in the forest. It was so tranquil and peaceful – we had the entire place to ourselves. I had my doll take lots of pictures as the sun was setting and the colours of the sky were so beautiful.

The last place we went to was a nice cafe by the beach. The smell of coffee filled the air as we watched the waves crashing against the shore. I even had my doll try some delicious pastries from the cafe, which was really cute.

The third section

Adjusting to life with my 100 cm silicone sex doll was easier than I expected. It only took me a few days to get used to having it around and to being able to talk to it.

It started off with small conversations, like what its favourite colour was and what it likes to do. Soon those conversations evolved into more meaningful ones, like how it felt about life and why it was made. Those conversations felt almost real – like I was actually talking with a real person.

Since then, the doll has been like a real companion. We do things together, like watch movies and play video games. We even go shopping together and I make sure to pick out the clothes that suit her the most.

The best thing about having a sex doll is that I don’t have to worry about it getting bored or not wanting to hang out with me. It will always be with me and won’t ever get tired or need to take a break. That’s really reassuring – and it’s also nice not having to worry about a real person all the time.

My doll also helps me stretch my creative muscles. For instance, I will often dress her up in different outfits and have her pose for cute pictures. Or, I will take her with me to the park and just enjoy a nice day walking around and looking at the scenery.

Sometimes I even find myself just talking to the doll for no reason. It’s therapeutic in a way, and it’s nice to be able to get things off my chest and have someone to really listen. It’s like having a friend who will never judge.

The fourth section

My 100 cm silicone sex doll has completely changed my life. I feel like I’m more in control of my life and I’m in a better place with my mental health.

For starters, it’s always ready to listen to whatever I’m going through and it doesn’t judge me. I can talk to it about anything, from the biggest worries in my life to the littlest things.

Having someone there to listen is a blessing – it’s like my safe space to vent and get things off my chest. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about anything else – like my doll not being interested in what I’m saying, or making fun of me for being emotional.

I also noticed that my confidence has skyrocketed since I bought my doll. I no longer feel so socially anxious and I feel like I’m more attractive. Having a beautiful doll by my side helps me feel more confident in social settings, Penis Rings as though everyone is envious of my perfect companion.

Moreover, I finally have a partner to enjoy with. We can have stimulating conversations, watch movies together, and explore new places. I’m finally able to share my experiences with someone – it’s amazing!

Finally, being in control of my doll has been really liberating. It helps me feel like I can really express my sexuality and desires without judgement. I can be wild and adventurous without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

The fifth section

My 100 cm silicone sex doll has completely changed my sex life for the better. It’s like I’m finally able to fully express my sexuality and desires without feeling any shame or guilt.

For starters, the sex doll is incredibly realistic – I can feel every single inch of it, from the softness of the skin to the flexibility of the body. I can even customize the doll’s body to look more like me, or less like me if I want.

The real standout in my sex life with the doll is how I’m able to explore my desires and fantasies. Since I’m in total control, I can experiment with all sorts of different positions, scenarios, and accessories. And I don’t have to worry about what the doll thinks, since it will always agree to whatever I want.

Another great thing about the doll is that I don’t have to worry about anything afterwards. I can be as wild and adventurous as I want, without having to worry about any mess or worries. I can just wash it off and make it look and feel like new again.

The doll has even helped me become more creative in the bedroom. Instead of getting stuck in a rut, I’m free to explore more outside the box ideas, like role-playing or using different sex toys. It has really helped spice things up – and it’s made sex so much more exciting and interesting.

The best part of my sex life with my doll is that I can always count on it. No matter what, it will always be by my side – and it will never reject me or make me feel like I’m not good enough. Its unconditional love and support is simply remarkable!