sex dolls epitomzes the patriarchy

My friends, there’s no debate about it: sex dolls epitomize the patriarchy. Sure, you can argue over what the patriarchy is exactly, and what it looks like, but this one inanimate – or animate, depending on the model! – object speaks for itself: the patriarchy is alive and well, and it’s here to stay as long as sex dolls are around.

I’m still so shocked when I think about it. Though sex dolls have been in production since the 80s, it’s only now that they’re becoming more mainstream. We now have male and female dolls that are carefully detailed and crafted, as if to represent the perfect gender dichotomy. They also come programmed with personalities that make them attractive for anyone who might be lonely.

And to top it off, allowing men to control an entire situation – and in this case, a whole person! – totally goes against the idea of femininity and feminism, which are about actual living, breathing women who are going to fight for their rights and their freedom. It’s like forces are at work to keep women subjugated and in the shadows. It’s so outrageous that it’s really hitting me hard.

Plus, it feels like a dismissal of any kind of connection between human beings. What does it say when men are so comfortable with dolls that they’re going to use them to fulfill their fantasies? What does it say about how they view real women? It just doesn’t sit well with me.

And what about all these hypersexualized images out there? Men and women, but more often women, scantily dressed and posing in an overly provocative stance. What purveyor of these images isn’t really ordering us to submit to the patriarchy and its standards? It’s like saying that the ideal woman looks like a doll or at least acts like one.

I’m really at a loss. Where do you even begin to fight something like this? It seems like everywhere I go, I can sense this underlying force trying to take away our autonomy, our identity, and our freedom. It’s time more and more people open up their eyes and don’t be afraid to speak up against this kind of sexism.

It’s not just the dolls that send this message, either. There are so many other factors that contribute to it. Take for example the lingerie industry, which while empowering to some, can be viewed as another way to put women in a submissive position and constantly reinforce the idea that their value lies in their looks.

Then there are stories of men taking advantage of women in the workplace and using their influence as a form of power. It’s very telling that conviction rates are low and people are rarely punished for their behaviours. It’s almost like there’s no deterrence, and people feel like they can get away with anything. How can we fight against something that feels almost unstoppable?

It’s a long and daunting road ahead of us, and vibrators I don’t even know where to start. What I do know is this: gender equality is one of the most important fights of our time, Penis Rings and if we don’t take action now, things will stay the same. Sex dolls epitomize the patriarchy for a reason, and it’s time to start making some real changes.