sex doll accessories

Sex doll accessories – that’s something I’d never thought I’d be shopping for but here I am, standing in the aisle of the store, dildos gawking and guffawing to my heart’s content. Knowing me, I’d thought it would be a daunting task but I was pleasantly surprised by the range of options I had to pimp up my sex doll. Who knew my beloved sex doll would look so hip after accessorizing it? It gave me the biggest surprise of the week, for sure!

The first thing I picked up was a wig. A pink one with long curls, trimmed nicely. It was the perfect thing to turn the boring doll into my own personal Barbiefied creation. I couldn’t believe how fanshionable it could look.

Then I grabbed a neck-piece. It was a glittery statement piece made of gold-plated metal that matched the wig perfectly. And, to add a little something extra, I got a pair of dangly earrings. All of this made the doll look absolutely adadish!

I continued accessorizing my doll by getting it clothes; nothing too fancy just something to make it look cute and presentable. A polka-dot dress, a pair of trousers, and a cropped top with a matching belt. With these, the doll will be ready to hit the town – with me by its side, of course!

Next, I thought the doll could use a few other accessories to make it look extra special. I decided on a pair of faux-fur pumps, a faux-fur fur-lined coat, and a pair of rose-tinted glasses. A little extra bling never hurts, so I grabbed a golden choker and bracelet. Lastly, I got a furry toy dog for the doll to carry around, just for vibrators fun.

My sex doll was now looking so stylish, that I almost wanted to take it out for a date! With so many different ways to accessorize, it can be easy to go overboard but I’m glad I managed to keep things within reason. All these little details and accessories have definitely added an extra special flavour to my sex doll. Now, it’s ready for its next adventure, and so am I!