Male Pocket Pussy(2 Sets)




$7.98/ 2=$3.99

The price of each unit is $3.99

You will receive 2 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold on your store separately.

Carry it in your pocket, smuggle it in your suitcase, or stow it in your glove box, this amazing stroker remains by your side all around the clock. It is capable of setting your mood in the right way. Flashing little tongue and lips outside and immensely stimulating texture inside, this cocksucker provides such a grip that doesn’t even require an added grip sometimes.

Grab tightly on the toy and take advantage of the inner walls, which was designed to give you sheer pleasure like that of oral sex. The closed-end helps in building up the suction and usually contains the results of a satisfying climax. It is better to clean it well after and before use it with lots of soapy warm water.


Medical TPE
Color:  Flesh
Package Included:  2 x  Male Pocket Pussy
Wholesale price: $ 7.98


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