Hand Ankle Cuffs Strap(2 Sets)




Material: Ribbon
Color: Black
Package Included: 2 x Strap
Wholesale price: $ 10.64


The price of each unit is $5.32

You will receive 2 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold

 on your store separately.

Material: Ribbon

Colour: Black
function and use: flirting
Main body Size: 100CM
Maximum noise: ≥0
Please note that the principles of use are safe, clear and non-enforced.
1. Both physical and psychological safety of both parties.
2. The two sides should stay awake and avoid the loss of control caused by intense emotions, alcohol and drugs in the process.
3. The parties are equal and all actions must be agreed upon by both parties.

Hand Ankle Cuffs Mouth Ball for FlirtingFlirt Ball with Hand Ankle Cuffs


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