G-spot Massager Vibrator(2 Sets)


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Power: USB Charging            
Color: Golden/ White
Package Included:
2 x  Vibrator
Wholesale price: $ 12.30

$12.30/ 2=$6.15

The price of each unit is $6.15

You will receive 2 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold

on your store separately.


A great toy for both experienced and inexperienced sex lovers.

If what you desire is sensual vibrations that will take your breath away then look no further, this premium wand is one of our best and is guaranteed to surpass your needs!
This Vibrator goes perfectly with a generous amount of your favourite water-based lube for a more slippery sensual experience.
Material: silicone
Colour: golden,white

G-spot Massager Vibrating Dildo Vibrating DildoUSB Charging VibratorG-spot Massager Vibrating DildoMassager VibratorVibrator G-spot Massager Vibrating Dildosize

Vibrator G-spot Massager Vibrating DildoVibrator G-spot Massager Vibrating Dildo

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