12 Sided Dice(10 Sets)





The price of each unit is $1.41

You will receive 10 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold

 on your store separately.

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If you are a couple who love to experiment with new erotic things that sets up the mood in the bedroom for hot sex, you need to try dice game to spice up your sex life. These dice are indeed a delightful way of adding something extra when you are setting the mood for great sexual intercourse. 

Also, this dice game changes the way couples use to see foreplay. In fact, it helps couples to take more advantage of oral sex that many people tend to lose interest after some time. All you need to do is flick your wrist, and your partner has to respond to the commands on the dice.

Material:  Plastic


Package Included: 10 x Dice
Wholesale price: $ 14.1


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