10 Beads Anal Plugs(3 Sets)


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$7.29/ 3=$2.43

The price of each unit is $2.43

You will receive 3 pieces for each quantity.

Each piece has individual packing package, can be sold on your store separately.

This is perfectly sized for all the beginners who are exploring the anal pleasure. This is the collection of roll out set with user-friendly beads for you to begin the fun. These beads are made up of a precise and firm material and these beads are connected via a flexible string for placing them in the best way. In the string, the first bead is quite small which is extremely manageable in nature. It is merely the fractions of 1 inch. But the beads that follow slowly increase in size subtly. This will allow you to get completely accustomed to this new sensation.

At the end of the string, there is a retrieval handle that comes with a big ring. It offers you to maneuver the beads and strong easily and safely. It also makes insertion of the beads as well as the retrieval much more convenient. This product is made up of a PVC material which is phthalate free offering complete safety and hygiene to your body. You can use silicone based or water based lubricants to operate this. 

Material: Medical Silicone
Color: The color send in random
Package Included: 3 x Anal Plugs
Wholesale price: $7.29


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