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Well, it’s no secret that penis pumps are becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more openness about sex in today’s world, it’s easy to understand why.​ I recently came across an article about penis pumps on WebMD and wanted to share with my friends the facts.​

It appears that penis pumps are promoted as a non-surgical method of increasing size and length.​ A penis pump is a cylinder that is placed over the penis and a vacuum is created.​ This vacuum then increases blood flow to the penis, which can cause it to become slightly larger over time.​ But don’t think you can become Chris Hemsworth in just a few sessions!

The article also referenced the potential health risks associated with penis pumps.​ The risks are actually quite similar to those associated with Viagra and other ED drugs, and can include bruising, pain, numbness, and even decreased sensation.​ Of course, if any of these side effects were to occur it would be best to talk to your doctor about a potentially more suitable alternative.​

So whilst penis pumps can potentially increase sperm production and even improve erections, there’s no scientific evidence that claims it will actually enlarge your penis in the long run.​ It seems that regular use of the device however can help maintain your manhood in the bedroom.​ So if you were looking for something to improve your performance and possibly increase in size then it’s definitely worth considering.​

I guess you can say that penis pumping isn’t some kind of magical solution or instant result system, you really have to be committed to it and take your time.​ But hey, maybe it’s it’s worth a try for yourself.​

Moving on, the article discussed the fact that some people may be using penis pumps with the hopes of increasing fertility or sperm production.​ It appears that some research suggests that penis pumps can increase sperm count, but there’s very little evidence that it’s actually effective in increasing fertility or sperm production.​

What’s more, it’s important to be careful with any off-label treatments or potentially dangerous devices.​ You definitely want to consult with your doctor or medical professional to avoid any unpleasant side-effects or potentially dangerous risks.​ It’s essential that you just remember to be clear about your goals prior to using any device or engaging in any off-label treatments.​

All in all it was an interesting piece of reading, but be sure to use your head if you’re thinking about getting one of these devices for yourself! Who knows, you may end up benefiting from using one, but it’s always best to look first before you leap.​

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On a side note, I also found out that although it’s technically considered safe to use, the individual results may vary.​ So I can’t speak for every guy out there, just sharing what I’ve found out.​

I did some further digging and found some mixed reviews from people who have tried penis pumps.​ Some people did in fact report an increase in size in both length and girth, but others did not experience any real noticeable difference.​

I think the main takeaway is that the overall effectiveness of a penis pump really depends on the individual and the quality of the pump they are using.​ There are some pumps out there that have bad reviews that don’t work as well, so be sure to read the reviews or get a recommendation before you purchase one.​

Also, a man’s age may play a role in the overall effectiveness too.​ So if you’re past your 30s, then it’s likely that penis pumps won’t have quite the same effect as they would if you were in your 20s.​ But that’s not to say you won’t get any benefit at all.​

Lastly, I learned that the stimulation and additional blood flow are what makes a penis pump an effective tool.​ Just like working out at the gym or doing any kind of strenuous activity, live demestration on how a penis pump works regular use can result in subtle changes in size, although it’s important to keep in mind that they’re not permanent.​ Still, it may be worthwhile to have a conversation brother caught with penis pump your doctor if you’re considering trying one out.​