Oh man, did you hear about the automatic mastubator male masturbation tools that are out these days? I was just as baffled by the concept when I first heard about it.​ I’m going to tell you about my experience with it, and everything I learned so far.​

“So what is this tool?” I asked myself.​ Well, basically it’s a machine that you turn on, stick your genitalia into a hole with lube, and it strokes you until you orgasm.​? A big, artificial hand that I can just turn on and let go? Sounds too good to be true!

Turns out, it is too good to be true.​ Not only that, but it’s not even very comfortable or pleasurable.​ The machine is noisy and the sensation isn’t close to the same as being manually stroked.​ Plus, it’s not very convenient because you have to attach and reposition your penis every time you use it.​ Not a great experience.​

But then I decided to try one of those penis extenders.​ This is a toy fitted with a stroking sleeve that goes over your penis.​ It delivers a range of intensities and speeds and I can stick it into my computer or TV’s USB port and watch porn as it strokes me.​

And it works! Now I’m having an amazing time with this toy.​ I can get to orgasm in a matter of minutes and the sensations are pretty close to what they’re like with a real hand.​ Plus, it’s quieter than the machine and more convenient to use as well.​

Then I started exploring the world of prostate massagers.​ These are toys designed to target the prostate gland and give you an intense sensation when you use them.​ I’ve had some great experiences with these toys and it’s definitely something I would recommend to everyone.​

But there are also automatic masturbators for women! I’ve never tried one of those myself but I’ve heard they can be quite powerful and intense too.​ They supposedly have even more sophisticated features than the male models and some of them can even be controlled remotely.​

We’ve got toys like vibrators, anal plugs, dildos, vibrators and cock rings that can make solo sex a lot more fun.​ I’ve tried one of those rings before and it adds an extra level of pleasure when I’m in the middle of doing it myself.​

And there are plenty of other tools and accessories out there that can make solo sex even better.​ Things like cleanliness oils, sprays, and creams that can make sure everything’s comfortable and slick all the time.​ There are even penis pump machines out there that are designed to enhance your size temporarily.​

It’s pretty amazing what technology has done for solo sex! There’s no more need to ditch that vibrator or prostate massager and get back to using your hands for yourself.​ You just have to find the product that’s right for you, and the possibilities are endless.​