men who have sex dolls documenary

I recently watched a new documentary about men who have sex dolls which really grabbed my attention. At first, I thought it was going to be something skeevy and shady, but it ended up being really insightful. The documentary followed three men from different parts of the world – China, India, and the United States – as they shared their experiences and motivations for owning sex dolls.

One of the men was a widower who had lost his wife a few years ago, and vibrators he used the dolls to cope with his grief. He spoke about how they helped him to feel a sense of connection and gave him the opportunity to feel loved again. It was heartbreaking to hear his story, and I couldn’t help but feel a lot of empathy towards him.

Another one of the men worked as a professional artist, and he used the dolls to inspire him. He believed that sex dolls were a form of creative expression and he found them to be a great source of inspiration. It was interesting to hear his perspective, and I could definitely see why he was so passionate about them.

The last guy was probably the most memorable of them all. He owned seven dolls and they were like family to him. He talked about how he spent time with them and even interacted with them like they were real people. It was clear that he was deeply attached to his dolls, and I was surprised to see how much of a bond he had with them.

All in all, the documentary was really well done and thought-provoking. I found it to be really eye-opening, and it made me think about sex dolls in a different light. After watching it, I realized that there’s a lot more to these dolls than just for physical pleasure; they can also provide comfort and companionship.

The next four sections really made me think. I started to consider how men who own sex dolls are seen by the wider society, and if they should be judged in the same way as everyone else. I thought about how technology has drastically changed the way we interact with each other, and if this could be replicated in the form of a sex doll. Finally, I looked into the possible consequences that could come from owning a sex doll, such as feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Overall, this documentary was thought-provoking and eye-opening. It made me think about things that I hadn’t before and showed me that sex dolls can sometimes hold deeper meaning for some people. Despite the fact that it’s a controversial topic, the documentary still managed to shed some light on the subject in an unbiased and respectful way.