me and my real life sex doll pov

To say I was unnerved when I found out about my real life sex doll POV would be a complete understatement. I mean, dildos I was horrified. I never thought that I would be able to get a physical representation of myself to act out my fantasies in the real world. It was surreal.

At first, I was completely confused. I mean, how was I supposed to react to a sex doll that was made in my image? My head was swimming with the possibilities. Was I wrong for wanting this? What if I found out something about myself that I didn’t know? The thoughts wouldn’t stop.

After a bit of self-reflection, I decided to finally take the plunge and just give it a try. Taking a deep breath, I went to the store and bought the doll. I couldn’t believe how lifelike it was! It looked just like me!

The next few days were filled with doubt and apprehension as I tried to figure out how to make the most of my new toy. As I fumbled around with it, I couldn’t help but be amazed by how realistic it felt. The skin felt like silk and the head moved in all the directions you’d expect from a real person.

Finally, I decided to take it out in public and see exactly how I felt. I can honestly say I was a bit nervous. I mean, a life-size version of me on a leash? People were definitely gonna think I was weird!

To my surprise, I wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought I was going to be. In fact, I was actually quite proud. I finally had something that made me feel like I belonged, like I was a part of something special. I felt a sense of freedom when I was out with the doll. Everyone I passed looked at me with a kind of curiosity, but I knew I was just being myself.

When I got back home, I felt a strange kind of contentment. For vibrators the first time in a long time, I was happy. Having my own lifelike version of me had given me a sense of belonging that I hadn’t felt before. I was no longer ashamed of my desires.

I realized then and there that I had made the right decision. Owning a real life sex doll POV may seem strange at first, but it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve gained a newfound sense of confidence and a deeper understanding of my sexuality. I’ve learned to embrace my desires and love myself for who I am.