I’m sure you’ve heard me joke about ‘getting pumped’ but it’s not quite what you’d expect! I’ve recently been exploring the idea of a penis pump, and I’ll tell you a bit about my experience so far.​

My partner and I both found the idea of a penis pump intriguing and, after doing some research online, decided to give it a go.​ The first thing we noticed was that, contrary to popular belief, there’s actually a fantastic range of sizes available for book by austin powers penis pumps are my life pumps.​ Knowing your size is really important, as a wider diameter will increase the pressure and a smaller one will result in less intensity.​

Well, I wish someone had told me that penis pump sizing is such a detailed and bottom uses penis pump while getting boned complex process! We spent weeks deciding the best size for my partner and we learned a lot along the way.​ We quickly worked out that the right diameter was key.​ A small difference of even a few millimeters could really make a huge difference to the results.​

When we finally purchased the correct device for my partner, the next challenge was finding the right condom; they come in a variety of thicknesses and, again, size does matter! After trying out several sizes we found the right one and my partner was all ready to go.​

The next challenge was noise.​ Since our walls were very thin the last thing we wanted was to be making a lot of noise, so we decided to get an extra tight fitting cone to ensure that the noise was kept to a minimum.​ Thankfully, we were able to find one that was just the right size.​

We also had to purchase a lubricant to provide a little extra slip and slide and, most important of all, to keep the pressure up.​ After putting it all together we were ready to go!

Now, the actual pumping was surprisingly easy.​ Using the right technique, it only took a few minutes before my partner could feel the pump doing its job.​ It was really quite amazing to see!

Of course, the pump does wear off after some time, but the results were clearly visible.​ My partner had firmer, longer lasting and bigger erections than before.​ I couldn’t help but feel proud of us for taking on this challenge!