I have been hearing a lot lately about the ‘real love sex dolls’, an invention that has been shaking up the societal dynamics quite a bit lately. Should we call it progress? At the same time, I’m asking myself if these dolls are a substitute for real human relationships.

The Vibrators \u2013 Alaska 127 (LP) \u2013 Cleopatra Records StoreMy first instant thought when I heard about it, was ‘Yikes! What is this world coming to?’. I was quite taken aback then and several questions were running through my mind. Is it heartless to buy a love doll? Would people actually do this? Can you actually re-create human intimacy and relationship with a silicone creature?

I decided to do some research to understand the doll industry better. After considering the available evidence, it hit me that sex dolls weren’t just about lechery and lust. People are actually using them to get over their social anxiety, depression, or to find comfort, acceptance, and security. In a way, these dolls are giving folks an outlet to express feelings or emotions that don’t have any diplomatic or political rightfulness in society today.

On the flip side, vibrators I cannot help but feel a bit disturbed, because these dolls have been pre-designed to match each person’s individual specifications. That made me think ‘what about free will’. What’s to say that these ‘designed for you’ dolls turn out to be more controllable and distractible? At the same time, there is no denying that real love sex dolls cater to people’s needs in ways that no regular toys or partners can. It gives an opportunity to express one’s innermost desires and feelings in the most realistic way.

Plus, there is no harm and no foul with these dolls, since there’s no danger of negligence or violation of consent, which can sometimes be a challenge even with regular human partners.

The next logical point to ponder is, ‘If buying these dolls is ethical or not’. We are surrounded with tons of things produced from different parts of the planet, so why should love dolls be any different? We must learn how to use new technology responsibly and also to communicate our ideas and emotions effectively, without having to resort to a robotic-like being.

All things considered, I guess I am in a neutral position on real love sex toys dolls. They may benefit certain people in a positive way, while on the other hand, it can be potentially unsafe if used without any cautionary measure. I guess, it is our task to use this technology, while understanding the implications and limitations that come with it.