i dont breathe when i masturbate male

The last time it happened, I was in a really dark place.​ I was exhausted and alone.​ I was feeling down on myself and my body and desperately searching for a way to escape.​ Then, I remembered that one particular activity that can be really therapeutic; masturbation.​ Only this time, I didn’t make a conscious decision to do it.​ Instead, something instinctive kicked in and it felt like my body just wanted to experience this pleasure.​ Except, when I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the sensations, monkey spanker vibrating male masturbator something weird happened – my breathing stopped.​

Maybe it was a form of dissociation or a panic attack or something else entirely, but that day was the first in a long journey of understanding why I don’t breathe when I masturbate.​ It was an experience that shook me because it reminded me of just how hard it is for me to stay in the present and really loosen up.​

I wish I could say that it was a one-off experience, but the truth is, it’s something that happens to me often when I’m pleasuring myself.​ It’s as if I’m overcome by a rush of intense pleasure and my body can’t handle it, so it switches off my breathing in response.​ I find it interesting because, in all other aspects of my life, I’m a naturally free and open person.​ But when it comes to this, I just can’t seem to de-stress.​

At first, I was scared, but now I’m beginning to develop an understanding and appreciation of this phenomenon.​ I know it’s completely natural and maybe, even, a source of therapy for me.​ It’s a reminder that being in a state of true pleasure and enjoyment isn’t something I’m used to and my body has to find creative ways of coping.​

In the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring different ways of releasing tension when I’m in the act of self pleasure.​ I’ve been learning to take longer and deeper breaths, to move in ways that release the energy and automated male masturbator to focus my attention on different areas of my body.​ I’ve also been acknowledging the pleasure and appreciation I feel around myself and finding moments of gratitude as I go.​

So far, these strategies have helped me to get a little more comfortable with the idea of enjoying myself.​ I don’t feel like my breath is completely stuck anymore, but I still feel tense and overwhelmed at times.​ That’s when I take a break, review my plan and reassess the situation.​ I’ve discovered that I can learn much deeper and more lasting lessons about myself when I take it step by step.​

I’m still on my journey to understanding why I don’t breathe when I masturbate.​ I’ve realized that it has as much to do with my mind as it does with my body.​ There’s a lot of external and internal pressure that I put myself under to perform.​ But I’m learning how to be gentle and accepting of my weaknesses, and I’m trying to take time to appreciate the moments when I’m in a state of sublime pleasure.​

I’m also realizing that self pleasure isn’t something you just do.​ It’s something you nurture and nurture over time.​ Finding ways to stay warm, present and focused can help create a space of pleasure for me to dive into.​ With practice and patience, I can keep learning to trust my own body and breathe confidently.​

I’ve also started to experiment, finding different ways to pleasure myself that brings me joy and relaxation.​ Trying out different positions, combining physical self pleasuring with visual stimulation, and setting the scene in a way that feels safe and special for me.​ I’ve also been seeking out new toys and learning to use them in ways that feel pleasurable and liberating.​

It’s been an interesting process and, while I’m sure there’s still a lot to learn, I’m proud of where I’ve gotten so far.​ I’m starting to gain a larger appreciation of myself and my capacity to experience pleasure.​ Once I acknowledge this, it gets a little easier to take those deep breaths and fully immerse myself in pleasure without fear or worry.​