I can’t believe it, my best friend actually bought one of those cheap sex dolls 100! I’d heard about them but had never looked into them myself. I thought it was a bit extreme but when she told me she got it for a really good price I had to ask more about it. So yes, Let me tell you what a cheap sex doll 100 is all about!

Well, for starters, vibrators cheap sex doll 100 is a full-size silicone doll with realistic facial features designed to replicate a real woman. They even come with different styles and sizes to choose from, such as petite and curvy figures. What really shocked me is that they’re also equipped with sensors that respond to your touch, making it feel even more realistic. Furthermore, these dolls can be customized to whatever preference you’re looking for and bought for very low prices compared to other sex dolls.

To be honest, my first feeling was one of disbelief. I mean, how can you get such a realistic doll for so cheap? I was also a bit uneasy about it, thinking of the implications of the weirdness and creepiness of a sexual relationship with an inanimate object. But then again, I thought it was also kind of liberating in a way, allowing someone to explore their sexuality in a safe, non-judgemental way.

My friend reassured me that her experience was positive. She showed me a few pictures and detailed what it was like when she was in the store. She got a very likeable doll that she found to be quite attractive and had it personalized to look even more life-like. She handled it carefully as she was apprehensive at first as well, but after a while she found herself quite comfortable with it.

She explained that she was given a package of lotions, powders, and other maintenance items, as well as a manual, which she highly recommended to me to read. It had everything she needed and answered lots of questions she had. Plus, there was also a helpful customer service team to guide her and explain any features in depth. She felt like it was a very easy process to set up her doll and to continue to take proper care of it.

I was still curious as to why did she decide to buy a cheap sex doll 100. She showed me the before and after pictures, and it felt so much more comfortable to have it customized to match her preferences than one of those generic models. Plus, she claimed that it was a lot of fun to experiment and make it her own. So our conversation got me thinking that I probably would’ve considered it for myself if I had the money.