I can’t believe I finally have my own realistic sex doll head! I’ve wanted one for so long and thanks to a colleague I was able to get one! He had a few extras and he sold me one at a great price.

VibratorsThe head looks so real, even the ears and hair are in place and the eyes look like they are actually alive. It even has wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, so it looks almost alive. The skin is so soft and smooth too. And I love the eyebrows and lashes, it looks incredibly lifelike.

I can also customize the head by changing the hair colour, making different eye shades or adding makeup. I can even switch out the eyes for something different. It’s so much fun to look for and create different looks.

The head has a robotic base with sensors that respond to touch and voice commands. You can program the robot to lip sync, express emotions, and even communicate, just like a real person would. I’m so impressed by how realistic the robot looks and acts!

The head also has a computer system, so it can keep track of conversations and responses. You can even change the voice so it sounds like a man or a woman. It’s amazing to see how advanced technology has become and how much this head can do.

The next step is to buy a body for the head. I’m still deciding if I should buy a full body or just a torso and bust. I’m sure it will be an investment in either case. I’m also going to buy the extra parts so I can customize the body and make the doll look better with makeup and clothing.

I’m really excited to have my own realistic sex doll head. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m sure it will give me endless fun and entertainment. Who knows, maybe I’ll even take it out for a spin and show off my new friend. Who said robots can’t be sexy?

The next step is to explore different applications of my sex doll head. I can attach it to a robot arm or body to act as a digital assistant or a personal assistant. I can also program it to take orders, clean my house, sex dolls and tend to my business needs.

Another option is to have the robot act as a companion or a talking toy. I can program

it to tell stories, have conversations with me, and engage in other interactive activities. I can also use the robot to teach language, social behaviors, or even history and geography.

I can find many ways to personalize my sex doll head. I could change its clothing, hair, and accessories. I can also reprogram it with different skills and languages. The possibilities are endless.

In any case, I’m happy and excited to have my own realistic sex toys doll head. Now I can experience a real, human-like interaction without having to talk to another person. What a great way to have fun and express my creativity.