how to install standing foot on sex doll

Hey there! You might think you need to be a professional handyman to successfully install a standing foot on a sex doll, but I’m here to tell you it’s not as hard as it sounds. With the right tools and some patience, anyone can do it.

First thing’s first: you’ll need the necessary supplies to install the standing foot. You’ll want to find the exact type of standing foot for your type of sex doll before purchasing it. Once you have the foot, you’ll need a few tools like a set of screwdrivers and pliers. Make sure you purchase the correct size tools that will fit the sex dolls doll.

Now you’re ready to begin the installation. Begin by checking the surface area you plan to attach the standing foot to. Make sure it’s smooth and free of any debris. Next, you’ll need to make sure the standing foot is securely fastened. Using the screwdrivers, carefully attach it to the surface. Keep in mind, it’s important to attach the foot firmly but not too tight.

Now that the foot is in place, you’ll want to check the sturdiness of it. Start by repeating the same tightening procedure you did earlier. Then, test the foot out by standing on it yourself. If it feels secure, try using a bit of pressure when testing it out. This is a crucial step to make sure you won’t need to do a reinstallation.

When it’s time to start using the sex doll, make sure to have a secure space to keep her. If left outside, the standing foot may be prone to weather damage. You can always use a cover to protect it from dirt and moisture.

Now that you know the basics of how to install a standing foot on a sex doll, you’re ready to give it a try yourself. With some patience and the right supplies, you can make sure your sex doll is securely fastened and ready for all the fun you can have!

After you install the standing foot, the sex doll is set up properly. You can now have better control over the doll and adding various poses with the foot making your sex play much more exciting. But more importantly, it also adds strength and stability to the doll. You can add a few props or even objects for more interesting poses and activities.

In case the standing foot gets loose or begins to wobble, sex dolls check the screws and bolts. Replace or tighten them if necessary before starting again. Make sure that the foot is firmly fixed to the body of the doll and evenly distributed.

You could choose to get an extra standing foot or two for safekeeping. It’s always a good idea to have a backup in case something goes wrong. You don’t want the foot to come loose during a session ruining the pleasure of what the doll will offer.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basics of how to install a standing foot on a sex doll, you’re ready to move over to the actual installation process. With the right tools and some guidance, this task should be a breeze. You can prepare, fasten, and test the foot like a pro in no time. Now you can enhance the sexual potential of your doll and make it even more fun than before.

It may sound challenging to install a standing foot to your sex doll, but with a bit of practice and guidance, you’ll surely master the process. Once you’ve done it a few times, you won’t need any further guidance. Installing the standing foot not only adds stability and extra sexual activities but gives you more control enabling longer and more interesting sessions.