does va cover penis vacumn pump

I had no idea that the VA covered penis vacuum pumps until my best friend, Ed, told me about it the other day.​ His cousin had just received one and he was amazed.​ The fact that the VA covers Penis Rings vacuum pumps gave him hope that his cousin would be able to finally get the solution to his erectile dysfunction problem and it got me thinking.​.​.​ does the VA coverage really cover penis vacuum pumps?

Apparently it does, and what’s more, the VA will even reimburse the cost of the pump for qualified service-connected veterans who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.​ This means that veterans, who have a service-connected disability that is causing erectile dysfunction, can qualify for the VA coverage and get reimbursed for the cost of the penis vacuum pump.​

I was in awe to hear about this, and my heart swelled with pride that we have such a wonderful benefit for those in our veteran community that suffer from this—a benefit that can potentially help restore their self-confidence and their marriages.​ It made me wonder what other VA coverage could potentially help these veterans with erectile dysfunction?

Well, thankfully the VA doesn’t just cover penis vacuum pumps when it comes to erectile dysfunction.​ In addition, the VA will also provide coverage for injectable medications, such as Trimix or Alprostadil, to help veterans with their erectile dysfunction.​ The VA will also cover penis pumps when used to treat other medical conditions, such as Peyronie’s Disease, that can cause erectile dysfunction.​

In addition, the VA coverage also extends to other treatments for ED, such as Intracavernosal Injection Therapy (ICI), Transurethral Therapy (TUT), Transurethral Alprostadil (TUPA), and Penile Implant Surgery (PIS).​ These treatments tend to be more invasive than a penis pump and often require a more extensive recovery period.​

It is so encouraging to know that the VA provides such a wide range of treatments to help those suffering from erectile dysfunction! Learning about this VA coverage has certainly been a rewarding experience for me, and I am thrilled that the VA provides such an array of coverage and treatments to help veterans who suffer with it.​

In terms of Penis Rings vacuum pumps in particular, I was surprised to learn that the VA also covers non-surgical procedures using vacuum devices to help improve erectile function, as well as provide coverage for the maintenance and repair of the devices.​ I can only imagine the peace of mind that this coverage could bring to veterans in this situation, knowing that they will have access to the latest technology when it comes to treating their erectile dysfunction.​

Another surprising aspect of the VA coverage for penis vacuum pumps is that they will also cover the cost of the accessories necessary to properly use the pump, such as lubricants, gauges, and tubing.​ All of these items are essential for proper pump usage and I think it’s great that the VA is helping veterans with these aspects of their treatment.​

Most importantly, I was so happy to learn that the VA provides coverage for counseling and psychological support for veterans with erectile dysfunction.​ It is essential that veterans have the emotional support and counseling that they need to cope with the difficulties associated with ED, and it is so reassuring to know that the VA is willing to provide such support.​

These are just a few of the aspects of the VA coverage for penis vacuum pumps that I recently discovered.​ It is so encouraging to know that we have such an array of services from the VA that can help those in our veteran community who suffer from ED.​ What other aspects of VA coverage for penis vacuum pumps can you think of?