do women discuss their sex toys

I’ve always been so curious about sex toys and what women think of them. Do women really discuss their sex toys? I mean, it’s a personal and intimate topic, so it’s hard to imagine women discussing them openly!

Well, after conducting my own little survey with various women friends, it turns out, yes! They do indeed talk about their sex toys. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my friends were so forthcoming with their experiences and feelings about sex toys. It almost made me wish I was a woman too, so that I could join in their conversations!

Here’s what I heard: some women said that exploring different types of sex toys could inspire and awaken their senses more than anything else. Others spoke of how meaningful sexual experiences have become after using sex toys. One woman even spoke of how she and her partner would take turns exploring and trying out new sex toys — a great way to stay connected and sexually exploratory.

A lot of the women I spoke to mentioned that their sex toys allowed them to learn about their own bodies and discover pleasure points they never knew existed. One woman said that sex toys made her more knowledgeable about what her body needs to reach an amazing orgasm — and that it has increased her confidence and strengthened her relationship with her partner.

The most interesting thing I learnt was that many women preferred sex toys that were specifically designed for female pleasure — rather than generic sex toys that are designed for both sexes. They felt that sex toys made for female pleasure were specifically designed keeping their needs and desires in mind.

I was truly amazed to see the level of comfort, openness, and confidence the women I surveyed had when it came to talking about sex toys. While all of them said that talking about sex toys can be a little awkward, none of them were shy about it. Now that I know this, I’m happy I made the effort to talk to my female friends and learn this first-hand.

Continuing the theme of open discussion about sex toys, I wanted to dive a bit more into the actual use of sex toys.My friend JoAnn shared her experience with me. She said it was hard to get past the initial awkwardness, once she and her partner got the hang of it, they were able to explore their sexuality a lot more. She claims it made their relationship stronger and opened a whole new door of opportunities for intimate moments.

The women I spoke to also revealed that sex toys can add an element of surprise and excitement to sex. Some of them said that it was perfect for experimenting with different sensations and they felt comfortable and safe since they did not have anything else to compare it to.

All the women I questioned mentioned that sex toys could also help with self-esteem and sex toys body image issues. One of them mentioned that she felt more comfortable with herself and her body after using sex toys in the privacy of her own space. Another woman claimed that this allowed her to accept her body as it is and to love it.

Finally, everyone I polled agreed that sex toys encouraged further exploration of sexual activities. By using sex toys in solo or shared sex acts, it allowed them to explore their sensuality and increased their libido levels as well.

For these women, sex toys represented so much more than a sexual aid. From self-confidence boosters to relationship enhancers, they had such a positive outlook towards sex toys that it was truly inspiring.