do i need a special cleaner for sex toys

I’m a sex toy fanatic and lately my collection has been growing rapidly. Recently, I ventured into buying some new premium materials that need a special cleaner and care. So naturally, I asked myself, “Do I need a special cleaner for sex toys?”

The answer in short is yes! It might surprise you, but dedicated sex toy cleaners have ingredients that are specifically made for sex toys and their materials; so it’s best to do your research to ensure that your toys stay healthy and last as long as possible.

I’m sometimes guilty of using household cleaners on the toys, which is actually a big no-no. I had no idea that I could actually damage my toys by using the wrong cleaners! It’s so important to make sure I’m using the right product to keep my toys clean and safe.

So I did some digging and found out that using sex toy cleaners is even more important when my toys are made from porous materials such as rubber, silicone, and jelly. These materials can trap dirt, bacteria, and other debris. So without the right cleaner, I’m just asking for trouble. The cleaner helps break down residue and bacteria so it can be quickly and easily be rinsed away.

I’m always careful to check the instructions on any new toy I buy. I have heard horror stories of people using a dishwasher or boiling their toys, which can actually destroy the material and cause it to break down over time. The manufacturers should always include the best way to clean and care for your toy.

When I’m using a sex toy with a friend or partner, I always make sure that it’s clean and disinfected before and after use. I know that this might seem like a lot of work, but it’s absolutely worth it for hygiene and safety reasons.

Apart from cleaners, sex toys I also make sure to use lubes and condoms with my toys. I usually prefer water-based lube for toys made from rubber, jelly, and hard plastic material. Using a quality lube not only helps enhance my experience, but it also keeps my toys in good condition.

Speaking of lube, I’ve also heard people talk about using coconut oil with their sex toys. Coconut oil works great as a lubricant, however, it’s not ideal for use with silicone toys since it will eventually break down the silicone material.

Lastly, I also keep my toys stored away from dust and direct sunlight and vibrators in a dark, cool environment. This helps to keep dust away from the toys and protect the material from drying out.

I know that taking care of my sex toys can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s so important to ensure that they last a long time and stay safe to use. So with that in mind, I’ve taken all the steps necessary to protect my beloved toys and prevent bacteria buildup.