can silicone based lube damage sex toys

Well, it’s been a hot topic lately. People are asking if silicone based lube damages sex dolls toys. With all the misinformation going around, it can be hard to know what to believe, so I did some digging and now I’m here to share my findings.

Firstly, a bit of background on silicone lube and sex toys. Silicone lubes are popular amongst people who want something that lasts longer than water-based lubes, and that won’t dissolve barriers like condoms. Sex toys are made from a range of materials including silicone and latex rubber, so if we mix these two materials together, what do you think can happen?

Here’s the deal: silicone lube can damage your sex toys in two ways. It can cause a reaction between the materials, making them stick together and cause tearing. It can also affect the performance of the toys, whether it’s vibrating, sex dolls thrusting, or just simple use.

That doesn’t sound like good news, right? Especially if you invested good money into your toys, or if experimentation is part of your sex life. But don’t panic just yet, because there’s a solution. The best approach is to use water-based lube when using sex toys, as it does not damage them.

Some people still insist on using silicone lube with their sex toys, so what can they do? Well, you’re probably not going to like the answer, but they really should avoid mixing the two materials (silicone lube and sex toy). Also, make sure the toy is thoroughly cleaned after each use before switching to silicone lube. If this isn’t possible, then you really shouldn’t use silicone lube at all.

And yes, if you use a condom with your sex toy then it’s definitely a good idea to use a water-based lube to keep it from tearing. That said, the condom should always be changed if using silicone lube as there is no guarantee that it won’t cause any reaction with the toy.

In short, it’s best to steer clear of silicone lube if you want to use it with sex toys. Water-based lube is always the safest option in this case. Sure, you might have to reapply it more frequently, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy your sex toys without worrying about causing any damage.

After that, if you still want to experiment with silicone lube then make sure you use it very carefully and never mix it with any of your sex toys. Clean them often and if you have any doubts, just go for the water-based options. It’s definitely not worth taking any unnecessary risks.