asian male masturbates with sex toys

Hey friend, I just had to tell you this – it was a little while ago I tried something different during one of my ‘me-time’ nights.​ Truth be told, as an Asian male, it was my first time exploring sex toys and trying out masturbation with them.​ I remember, I was pretty nervous at first.​ Whether it was okay to do this, or I was being too extreme, I was cautiously treading this unknown territory.​

But once I started exploring all these different tools, the adrenaline rush that accompanied it – it was unlike anything I’d felt before.​ I was now excited to discover the endless possibilities this new experience could bring! Harriet Sugarcookie, a sex and relationships blogger had written about it, which had persuaded me to give it a chance.​

The variety of sex toys was simply breathtaking! There were egg vibes, ring vibes, finger vibes, bullet vibes, butt plugs, prostate massagers, butt plugs, and so much more! I chose to start with a basic bullet vibe, which had the perfect intensity for me to get used to this Masturbation-meets-Technology thing.​ I started with a slow rhythm and quickly got familiar with how to maneuver the vibe and control the sensations.​

It was pretty incredible to feel the power of these vibration and the pleasure that came with it as well! I eventually discovered that slow and steady does the trick and then I let the pleasure run like a river, until I eventually reached my climax! I even found that using the tip of the vibe around my sensitive spots and teasing them, made for a much more enjoyable experience.​

The overall experience was pretty entertaining and definitely gave me an entirely new perspective on myself and what I am capable of.​ As a person, having more knowledge and information is always empowering and in this case I felt like I gained so much more, as I explored a new avenue of pleasures!

These days, I’d definitely recommend others to give it a try too.​ In terms of safety, there’s silicon sex toys which are easily cleanable, and are great for using with lubricants as well.​ Furthermore, there are even toys which are more discreet and don’t draw unnecessary attention.​

All in all, it has been quite the journey exploring sex toys and masturbation, as an Asian male.​ I can’t stress enough how much a new experience like this can open up entirely new avenues of pleasure and happiness.​

My first experience of using sex toys has really taught me to explore and experiment.​ There are so many different types of sex toys to choose from, and you never really know which one will work best for you.​ You really have to go out there and experiment with different toys, to find the best fit.​

I think the key is to find a toy with the right intensity and material that is comfortable for you.​ Recognizing which parts of your body are more sensitive than others is also important.​ Once you know where to apply the stimulation, you can bring yourself closer to pleasure.​

The vast array of sex toys out there can also help to explore different types of erotic pleasure.​ And some of them, like chastity cages, can even help heighten the experience.​

The power of sex toys is still unknown for a lot of Asians, especially males since there’s a cultural stigma that masturbation is odd or wrong.​ But if given a chance, it can be an entirely different world in discovering and exploring your body.​

Finally, why should someone be shy about using these kinds of toys? Especially when there are all kinds of toys available for both external and internal use.​ I know, it might sound crazy but the intensity of these toys is no joke.​

Rather than being embarrassed, it’s important to remember how important it is to explore and create pleasure for yourself.​ And sex dolls though there may be a stigma attached to it, Asian men have the same right to enjoy themselves and explore new pleasure as anyone else.​

Therefore, I urge all the Asian men out there to consider giving sex toys a go as it is a worthwhile experience.​ Even if it’s your first time, I promise you it can be an incredible experience of pleasure and discovering yourself.​