are sex toys forbidden in the bible

Wow! I just heard that the Bible banned sex toys and I was absolutely floored. To think that there would be anything that could be deemed “forbidden” in the Bible! But is it really true?

Well, the Bible does mention using objects other than a person for sexual pleasure as being immoral. So in that sense the Bible does consider sex toys to be sinful. But there is no direct statement in the Bible that explicitly states that sex toys are forbidden.

That said, I think it’s important to mention that there are people out there who view sex toys as tools for self-gratification which is seen as a problem in the Bible. And yes, there are cases where sex toys can be used inappropriately, such as outside of marriage and sex dolls for selfish pleasure. But I don’t think that using them is necessarily a sin.

I believe that in the right context — like when used as a form of intimacy or pleasure between two married people — they can be beneficial. The Bible does also mention the use of oil and other herbs as a form of physical pleasure between married couples. So, I believe sex toys can be considered a modern form of that.

Of course, each person must come to their own conclusion on this issue. We are all responsible for our own decisions and actions. Ultimately, I feel that if a married couple uses sex toys to enhance their physical and emotional connection, then it’s useful. But if it’s used in a way that is contrary to what the Bible teaches, then it should be avoided.