I love male sex toys. As someone who prides himself on being open-minded, I’m all for exploring avenues, in the bedroom, that would help to enhance and improve my sex life. The news that male sex toys are becoming increasingly popular was music to my ears. So, I thought I’d give it a go. Now, I’m wondering, are male sex toys any good?

Well, my experience with male sex toys has been nothing short of amazing! I feel like I’ve been brought to new heights of pleasure I’ve never experienced before. From the realistic feel and movements of the toys, to the unique sensations with texture and vibrations, I’m just blown away. Plus, the range of male sex toys out there is insane! There are so many from which to choose! Everything from vibrators, masturbators, sex toys anal toys and prostate massagers. It’s almost like a candy shop for adults!

My favorite of all the male sex toys is the Fleshlight. It is by far the most realistic male sex toy I’ve ever experienced. It’s definitely taken things to new heights for me in the bedroom, and I love how it comes in different sizes and shapes. I was pretty surprised when I saw the variation in sleeves, but the realism is out of this world. It feels so lifelike!

I have also tried a few vibrators. These toys come with different speeds and patterns, and I’ve found that they can be excellent for teasing and pleasing. I’m yet to master the art of thrusting while doing so, but I’m sure it will come with time. I’m also a fan of the anal toys available. These come in various styles and sizes, and I think I have one of each in my toy box. There are all kinds of surprises that can come with anal play, and I love discovering new ones! Plus, I must say, nothing compares to manipulating and thrusting into the butt.

I have also tried a prostate massager. The sensations that come with it are intense! Simply put, it takes orgasmic pleasure to a whole new level. And trust me, I’m talking mind blowing experience here.

Finally, I guess my overall experience with male sex toys has been great. They help me to explore new realms of pleasure and they make sex that much more interesting. I mean, a vibrator alone can add pleasure to a boring session. So, yeah, male sex toys are definitely a good thing to have!Powerful Vibrating Dual Finger Vibrator Pinpoint Clitoral Stimulation Women Vibe | eBay