amazon elf sex dolls

I heard the news a couple of days ago and it literally blew my mind! Amazon has now started selling elf sex dolls. To be honest, I was always a little bit suspicious about the idea of them. I mean, what on earth would the purpose be? Who on earth would actually buy one?

Well, I guess the answer lies in the power of Amazon. They must have seen a market for it and decided to give it a go! Sure enough, when I went online to check it out, vibrators I saw a variety of elf sex dolls with different prices and shapes available. I have to admit, I was curious to see how they compared to each other.

So I did a bit of digging and found out that these elf sex dolls come in two types: the “fantasy” type and the “realistic” type. The fantasy type seems to feature more “fairytale-like” designs, while the realistic ones are designed to look more human-like.

But what I was really surprised by was the actual “functionality” of some of these elf sex dolls. Some of them are capable of providing a range of different sexual experiences, from oral to anal and even mock intercourse. I mean, it really does sound like these are intended for pleasurable use, rather than just decoration.

What made me really chuckle was the fact that some elf sex dolls even come with accessories like blindfolds and restraints! Now that really is taking it up a notch. Who would have thought that someone would buy an elf sex doll and actually use it?

Anyways, what can I say? I find it fascinating how technology and sex have come together to create such a seemingly bizarre product. It’s amazing what people will buy if given the chance!